Publikationen Dr. Heiner Kahlert

New York Convention

Dr. Heiner Kahlert / Januar 2019

Weigand/Baumann, Practitioner’s Handbook on International Commercial Arbitration, 3rd edition 2019, S. 1572-1777 (Mitautor: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Haas)

Chapter 8: Germany

Dr. Heiner Kahlert / Juni 2016

Carl Rohsler (Hrsg.), The Gambling Law Review, 2016, S. 82-93

Privacy and Confidentiality

Heiner Kahlert (Mitautor) / 2. Aufl. 2015

[Veröffentlichung in englischer Sprache] in: Böckstiegel/Kröll/Nacimiento (Hrsg.), Arbitration in Germany – The Model Law in practice, 2. Aufl. 2015 (Mitautor: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Haas)

(In)voluntary submission to Arbitration in Germany, Switzerland and beyond

Dr. Heiner Kahlert / November 2013

 European International Arbitration Review, Vol. 2 Issue 1, 2013, S. 175-190

Confidentiality in Arbitration – A Tale of Doves, Chromatics and European Divides

Heiner Kahlert / November 2013

2(1) European International Arbitration Review, 2013, S. 27-40

Restrictions by EU Member States on Exclusive Grant of Broadcast Rights on Pay-TV Upheld

Heiner Kahlert, Andreas Zagklis / März 2011

Entertainment & Sports Lawyer, Vol. 29 Issue No. 1, Spring 2011, S. 24-26 (Mitautor: Andreas Zagklis)