Dispute Resolution


In cases of conflict, we always try to find the most efficient solution for our clients. Such a solution is often an out-of-court settlement of the dispute. However, if this is not possible, we rely on our wealth of experience in Dispute Resolution proceedings, to find the right strategy to always stay a step ahead in the conduct of a case.

Sustainable Solutions

Bearing the hallmarks of our long-standing service in an international commercial law firm we specialised in resolving commercial conflicts early on. Based on an analysis of the causes of the respective conflict we work with you to jointly define a comprehensive strategy for the proceedings, which take account of the potential perspective of your opponent and of the court in addition to your personal and economic interests. Our thinking and actions are marked by creativity and pragmatism. They always revolve around finding a truly sustainable solution.

Clear Principles

Our lawyers are guided by clear principles: An experienced lawyer takes the lead, overseeing your case from start to finish. The supporting team of lawyers is well organised and flexible. We keep an eye to the costs and the efficient handling of the case as well as a reliable and thorough representation of your interests.