Dispute Resolution

Conducting proceedings before state courts

Where the parties fail to agree to an alternative form of dispute resolution their conflict is dealt with by an ordinary court of law. As experienced litigators we support you at every stage of the conflict.

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A Realistic Appraisal

Meticulous fact-finding is an essential basis for all further steps. A legal assessment of the facts is then followed by a realistic appraisal of the litigation risks, regardless of whether they relate to a potential Claimant or a potential Defendant. Should we be of the opinion that a court case is not in your interests, we will devise a suitable alternative strategy together. Even if the prospects of success are good we will always keep other forms of dispute resolution in mind in order to best meet your interests, for instance by means of conducting a mediation or concluding an arbitration agreement. Our wide-ranging experience in alternative dispute resolution is to your advantage here, since it enables us to make a realistic evaluation as to the most promising way forward for you.

Clear Communication

In case of court cases we will draft briefs and represent you in the hearing. We aim to ensure to keep our written and oral submissions as clear and straightforward as possible. In addition it is very important to us to find the right balance between eagerness in representing your interests and dependability. In our experience your interests are best served by this approach.

Notable cases

  • Acting as counsel to the International Skating Union in a damages claim case brought by Claudia Pechstein before the national courts (amount in dispute: around 4.4 million euros)
  • Representing an Australian sports goods manufacturer in lawsuit against a German distributor following a failed joint venture
  • Acting as counsel for an Iranian pharmaceuticals wholesaler seeking the revocation of an arbitral award handed down by the German Institution of Arbitration (amount in dispute: around 1.6 million euros)
  • Representing an international sport association in a lawsuit against an exclusive supplier