Dispute Resolution


Due to the many successive instances before a final decision, litigation before the ordinary courts may be protracted and costly, and may have an adverse effect on the relationship between the parties. The same sometimes also applies in the case of arbitration proceedings. Alternative methods of dispute resolution often settle conflicts quickly and straightforwardly, increasing the chance that the partners' business relationship may be continued.
Mediation is one such alternative form of conflict resolution. In this case the dispute is not settled by a judge or an arbitrator, but by the parties themselves, assisted by a mediator. You can also benefit from our skills in this kind of dispute resolution. We either act as counsel or mediator. Dr Dirk-Reiner Martens has been certified as a mediator by the German Lawyers' Academy.

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Notable cases

  • Multiparty mediation proceedings following a failed financial investment
  • Facilitating a settlement between an international sports federation and an athlete in disciplinary proceedings