The district court of Hamburg confirms the German Sailing Federation’s decision to propose Kathrin Kadelbach and Friedericke Belcher as part of the German Olympic Team 2012

The dispute between two sailing teams about the right to represent Germany in the London Olympic Games has been decided by the district court of Hamburg in favour for Kathrin Kadelbach and Friedericke Belcher, represented by Martens Lawyers.

The court rejected a motion filed by the 470-class sailors Tina Lutz and Susann Beucke, requesting that the German Sailing Federation propose them instead of (or together with) Kadelbach and Belcher to the German Olympic Committee. Lutz/Beucke argued unsuccessfully that they had been disadvantaged by the German Sailing Federation in the framework of the national qualification races, namely during the Worlds 2011 in Perth, Australia. According to the decision of the Hamburg district court, Kadelbach and Belcher remain the only team in the 470 women’s class proposed to the German Olympic Committee for the 2012 Olympic Team.